Are London Escorts Becoming More Accessible and Frequent to the Client as Compared to 5 – 10 Years Ago?‏


The London escort scene is always changing, just like the city itself. London’s key role in the UK, European and global economy means that thousands of new faces arrive in the city every day, and many of these are ladies who either already work as escorts, or are considering becoming escorts. Of course, the population of gentlemen who meet escorts is also evolving, as the financial, media and technology industries of London act as a magnet for the most talented and well-paid staff in the world.

We can see that the inhabitants of London are constantly changing, and that there are supply and demand factors which affect the escort market in London. With these forces in mind, a pertinent question is whether or not London escorts are becoming more accessible to the client, and whether clients are able to see escorts more frequently than 4-12 years ago.

A big change in the supply side of the London escort scene occurred around 2004, when the EU expanded to several new countries in Eastern Europe, meaning that UK visas were no longer required for young and beautiful girls from countries such as Poland and Hungary. These girls took jobs in the service industries of the capital, or studied English, and many of them chose to take up side-jobs as escort companions. This had the effect of flooding the market with tons of fresh talent.

The biggest factor to consider from the demand side is the falling pound on the currency markets, which in 2008 fell to almost 1:1 parity with the euro, and also collapsed against the dollar to multi-decade lows. This has had two main effects on demand for escorts. One effect is that it has boosted the UK economy and attracted more workers, particularly from Southern Europe, which was badly affected by the financial crisis. The other major effect is to make the London escort market more attractive to American and European clients who like to visit London to meet the finest escorts in the world.

So what does this tell us about escort accessibility for the average client?

The most reliable indicator of how accessible escorts are to customers is to study how prices have evolved over the time frame, and by looking at this metric, we see that average escort prices in London have remained constant, taking inflation into account. However, we also see that girls who are well reviewed on escort forums can charge much more than they could 5-10 years ago.

So what we have now is the fact that the demand for London escorts has increased in the last 10 years. Meanwhile, according to the words of the manager of one of the London escorts agencies Bubbles Escorts Brad Hofmann: “The supply has also risen and balanced the situation out, and in general, escorts are just as accessible for clients now as they were 5-10 years ago”.

What has changed is that the high quality end of the market has become very much more in demand due to better online review sites and forums, and these escorts can charge a lot more for their services than they could before, due to greater transparency.

The very top girls, in terms of looks, personality and service are less accessible to the average client. On the other hand, this average client has a much wider range of girls to choose from, so he should not feel too unhappy about the situation.